Choosing aged care physiotherapists

Delivering on a promise

Near enough will never be good enough for our team. Our clients aren’t just files and bed numbers – we know their names, we know about their families and why it’s important for them to be active and enjoying life. We know what makes them smile and why they want to stay mobile and in good health. We treat every client with the same respect and quality of care we’d offer our own family. That’s our promise.

Physio and allied health done a little differently

We don’t just tick boxes, we look for ways to make things better and improve lives and outcomes. By proactively preventing risk and getting out in front of potential issues, we save our clients time, stress and money.

Putting people first

Our therapists undergo specialist training in understanding the individual needs of clients living with dementia and other complex chronic conditions. Our approach to care delivers active, engaged and well-managed clients. As a highly skilled, flexible allied health provider offering a suite of services and programs, partnering with Agestrong can be a significant selling point when promoting your service or facility. Our passion and commitment to quality reflects on your services to win you more business and build your own reputation for care.

We offer your staff support through employee training programs to equip them to deal with day to day challenges, including:

  • Reducing Reportable Behaviours
  • Correct Manual Handling in Aged Care and the home environment
  • High Risk Falls Prevention
  • Positive approach to caring for clients with dementia.

Partnering with aged care facilities

We’re a preferred partner for aged care facilities because:

  • we understand your need for an experienced aged care physio provider delivering consistent, reliable, proficient and cost-effective service solutions
  • we’re proactive about improving services, outcomes and quality of life for our residents
  • we speak the language of risk, compliance, ACFI, accreditation standards and workplace health and safety
  • we understand things have to match and offer proven systems, documentation and processes to ensure robust compliance at ACFI validation and accreditation
  • we’re a service provider that effectively manages your Pain Management Program needs from start up to long term maintenance at competitive prices
  • we don’t just service metro areas – we proudly deliver regional services
  • we provide peace of mind that you’re maximising profitability and generating meaningful health outcomes for your residents.

Talk to us about aged care physiotherapy programs. Call 1300 851 639.

Our passion and commitment to quality reflects on your services to win you more business and build your own reputation for care.