Dementia Specialty Services

Dementia Specialty Services

Dementia Conflict Management Training – Reducing Reportable Behaviors in Aged Care

Dementia now affects 1 in 3 Australians and as many as 80% of individuals living within residential aged care have a diagnosis of some form of dementia. It is essential that both your physiotherapy provider and direct care staff have the necessary skills and expertise to adequately care for those living with this disease.

Providing daily care to those living with dementia can pose many challenges such as resistance to or refusal of assisted personal care, aggression, agitation and combativeness which can lead to difficulties with manual handling and hinders safe transfers and mobility. These behaviors can pose undue stress and place care staff and residents at risk of serious injury. Conflict resolution and a detailed understanding of how to effectively communicate with those with dementia are vital skill that every care staff member should have. A missed managed incident can result in unwanted and unnecessary reportable events. Don’t risk your staff’s or resident’s safety.

Agestrong Physio is the only Australian accredited provider for the highly successful “Positive Approach to Care” dementia care training program. Founded by US dementia care expert Teepa Snow, this unique program offers aged care workers hands-on practical training to provide the essential care skills to communicate, deliver safe and effective care to residents with dementia and effectively manage related behaviors.

Designed specifically for personal care assistants, nursing and ancillary staff the Positive Approach to Care education series offers:

  • Hands on, practical training catering for a range of learning styles
  • Designed by leading US industry expert the Positive Approach program has been successfully implemented across the US and the UK
  • A great opportunity to show continuous improvement and ongoing professional development for upcoming accreditation visits
  • Adds invaluable skills and resources to your workforce
  • Reduces carer stress and reportable incidents

This versatile training package offers aged care providers value added educational information sessions that can also be ran for families of residents. A “Positive Approach” education sessions can help comfort relatives, prepare them on what to expect and offers invaluable tips on how to continue to have positive and meaningful visits with their loved ones no matter what stage of the disease.

If your want to reduce your reportable events, improve your staff’s efficiency and have positive resident care experiences then Positive Approach to Care training is for you.

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