Dementia & Falls Prevention

Dementia & Falls Prevention

Managing falls within high risk groups such as those living with Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological or musculoskeletal conditions is a real challenge in Aged Care and requires experienced health professionals with the right expertise.

Having effective High Risk Falls Reduction strategies can mean the difference between unwanted and unnecessary coroners investigations and a happy well managed resident with a focus on maintaining safe mobility and quality of life. At Agestrong Physio we understand the importance of offering our clients a robust evidence based risk assessment, planning and management systems and our highly trained staff are there to ensure its implementation and success with you, every step of the way.

Agestrong Physio also offers our aged care providers a range of programs specially designed for with dementia and complex needs, offering practical solutions and functional balance retraining to help minimise the risks of falls. Our unique programs help improve balance at a stage of the disease where it’s needed the most, when more traditional programs and approaches are no longer appropriate.

If your looking to reduce your facilities falls but your current provider has been unsuccessful, then Agestrong Physio can offer expertise and solutions to reduce your risks.

Contact Agestrong Physio via our online form or on 1300 851 639 for a further discussion on how Agestrong Physio can help reduce your facility falls