Dementia Care Mapping

Dementia Care Mapping

Agestrong Physio strives to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to dementia risk management and care. That is why we are proud to offer our aged care partners access to qualified dementia care mapping consultants. Typically used for complex dementia behaviour assessment and management, dementia care mapping forms an invaluable part of the solution to managing resident distress and reducing reportable behavior, wandering, agitation and aggression within residential and community care.

Dementia care mapping can offer organisations incredibly valuable feedback on key aspects of service provision, levels of engagement and participation in lifestyle activities, facility layout, resident-staff interaction, overall levels of resident and staff wellbeing and can be a fantastic gap analysis tool that can be used to help modify future training initiative, guide service offering, so as to maximize your facilities attractiveness and improve overall standard of care and client satisfaction.

Agestrong Physio has consultant available in every state and offers this excellent service Australia wide.

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