Dementia Services

Improved outcomes for you and your residents

We offer dementia physio programs that provide practical, evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

Positive approaches for complex needs

Our dementia therapists receive specialist training and focus on delivering positive, holistic, meaningful care to those living with dementia. Our dementia-specific programs are targeted to highlight and promote what our clients can do and engage people with purposeful activity to achieve improvements in mobility, balance and participation in everyday activities important to them. Helping to restore and maintain our client’s sense of independence helps reduce their likelihood of falls and injury, and live a more comfortable life.

Programs that work

If you’re looking to reduce reportable behaviours, minimise the risk of falls, and improve your standard of care and client satisfaction – we’re ready to help.

Our dementia programs include:

  • Dementia speciality services – we’re the only accredited Australian provider of the ‘Positive Approach to Care’ dementia care training program developed by leading US dementia expert Teepa Snow
  • Dementia falls prevention – developing High Risk Falls Reduction strategies to maintain safe mobility and quality of life
  • Dementia care mapping – qualified dementia care mapping consultants to manage complex dementia behaviour assessment and management, and reduce distress
  • Dementia cognitive rehabilitation – non-pharmacological treatment for disorders affecting memory, attention, speech and processing information
  • Diversional therapy support – experienced occupational therapists support your diversional therapy team to assess, plan, develop and deliver resident-specific therapeutic activities. These activities engage residents and provide cognitive stimulation to help maintain functional abilities for as long as possible.

Our programs can be delivered to groups or one-on-one; we make it work for you and your residents.

Caring and comprehensive service

From planning to implementation, monitoring and beyond, our team of dementia specialists work with you to deliver successful programs to make a real difference to the lives of those in your care living with dementia.

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Reduce reportable behaviours, minimise the risk of falls, and improve your standard of care and client satisfaction