The Results of The ACFI Viability Survey Are In…

We recently put out a call for feedback regarding how facilities were feeling about the upcoming changes to ACFI funding. The results were interesting.

Your first main concern was around the financial viability of the PMP. Over half of you feel that the pain management program will no longer be viable after January 1st, 2017. 40% of you are unsure whether or not you will add new residents to the 4b program come January 1, while 14% of you have made the decision not to.

This concern about the financial side of the changes led us to dig a little deeper into researching the new funding model. It can be difficult to piece together, but our fine tooth comb has revealed some good news for those with concerns:

Pain management claims for many residents will remain financially viable after January 1.

In short, your profitability as a facility will depend on having a Physio provider that understands your needs and can provide quality service at a cost effective price, which is key to financial viability.

The other main concern you had was around the duty of care that aged care providers had to their residents to address their pain issues and improve their quality of life. One survey respondent put it in a way that really resonated:

‘It is the duty of care of all aged care approved providers to assess for pain in every resident regularly and, specifically if there is a change in their health status, and implement and evaluate a pain management program despite it being a funding item under the ACFI or not. Any provider who does not provide this care is negligent. Pain management plans will be reviewed by the quality auditors.’

There has been alot of ‘doom and gloom’ surrounding these changes to date, so we have been thrilled to find the light at the end of the tunnel for facilities. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the information in the summary document, or any questions regarding the changes in general, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can contact us on 1300 851 639.

Thank you kindly to all who responded to the questions.

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