Rehab with a physio

 Smart exercise programs by health professionals

Rehab for some people can seem daunting. Our personal approach means you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed by the rehab road ahead. Together, we work on your goals and how to get you there.

We can help you with rehab and exercises to:

  • aid recovery after an injury, accident or surgery
  • manage chronic pain or long-term health issues
  • help build fitness and endurance safely
  • regain strength and balance after a fall
  • build strength and tone

programs to regain strength, balance and coordination.

Why use a physio for rehab exercises?

Physiotherapists are trained to understand the scientific and clinical aspects of your body. They know how to push you for the best results, without compromising your safety. We work with you to set realistic goals and personalise a program to suit your capabilities – balancing your need for rest and recovery with strength building rehabilitation exercises.

Our physio rehab packages

We offer a range of in-home rehab services and innovative technology to access the best care whatever your location. Two of our popular rehab packages are the PAC Express Program and the Home Strong Program.

PAC Express Program

Our Post-Acute Care (PAC) Express Program is a fast tracked program for recovering from a Partial or Total Joint Replacement or other orthopaedic surgery. Based on the latest rehab research and strength and conditioning training, it delivers the same strength and function gains in a significantly shorter timeframe than traditional rehab programs.

Home Strong Program

The Home Strong Program uses tele-health services to monitor client progress, provide health coaching, deliver a program to monitor and manage chronic disease, and provide therapy. The Program gives peace of mind to family members – they can meet remotely with doctors and specialists to provide support, reassurance and management when a condition flares up and needs immediate attention.

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In-home rehab services and innovative technology to access the best care whatever your location