Gerontology Physio, its sexier than you think!

Its fact! Aged care is hot right now………The demand for high quality passionate physio’s wanting to pursue and specialise in gerontology is even hotter and becoming more competitive as the race to serve the rapidly growing ageing market heats up.

Gone are the days where working in aged care was seen as a poor second cousin to landing a job in a private practice or scoring a new grad rotational position in a major hospital or rehab facility. Aged care has too often previously been the last stop gap filler before jetting off overseas, but second rate no more. Gerontology physio is beginning to take some of the limelight and offers a wealth of scope and potential for new graduate physio’s as they scour and scrutinise the market seeking employers that will offer them the support, nurturing and guidance that they need as they enter the workforce. Latest stats show that over 50% of the physio positions currently available in the marketplace are for physio’s within aged care. This upward trend in the demand for more physio’s in the market has had a ripple effect and is pushing physio providers in the space to offer more when it comes to a new grad program, which we think can can only be a positive thing.

So what is it about working in aged care that is turning physio heads and having them now truly consider aged care as not just an attractive option, but a satisfying career path? Well here’s the low down and 5 great reasons to be seriously considering a career as a gerontology physio:

1. Its more complex and challenging than you think! Let’s clear this common misconception up. Working as physio in aged care presents more than a few head scratching moments and is guaranteed to provide endless hours of stimulation and variety, as you get your head around how to deal with complex neurological, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal issues in a single day…….I affectionately liken it to a GEM med on steroids. Never a dull or boring moment to be had, between dealing with falls to managing chronic pain, to diagnosis a fractured NOF or taking a pilates too undergraduate student supervision. There is plenty of opportunity on offer to test your bobath skills or perhaps a bit of motor relearning and balance retraining or even splash out and do a bit of hydrotherapy. The residential care world is your oyster……. so if your considering joining us in aged care, be sure to dust off your stethoscope, bring all your clinical reasoning, assessment and treatment skills and jump aboard the wild ride…..

2. Your a key player in the team……physiotherapists are one of the most qualified and skilled professionals within the aged care team, which means that you have a great opportunity to help make the difference to some of the most deserving member of our community. Like in other areas of healthcare, we make up just part of the DMT, so you can expect to work with all the other allied health professionals as you would in a community based setting, after all, that’s really what working in aged care is, community based physio.

3. Autonomy and Growth……we love this….It offers opportunities of autonomy for those of you who like going solo and with structured new graduate programs and great social support like ours at Agestrong Physio, your guaranteed to never feel alone. Word of advice for our new grads, in the event your shopping around for an aged care physio employer, beware, what is big and shiny on the outside is not always so glamourous within. There is plenty out there that over promise and under-deliver especially when it comes to support and continued professional development opportunities. Here at Agestrong Physio we love pushing the boundaries, so continued education and upskilling of all our team is crucial to our continued growth and development. So don’t burn your text books just yet….

4. Flexibility……For many of us variety is the spice of life and the great thing is you can pursue more than one interest at the same time. With so many career paths now to chose as a physio, as a new grad or even as an experienced physio you may want to share the so called “LOVE” around. One of the great things about working in aged care, for those of you that are considering a private practice gig, but still have an interest in working with the older population, a part time position in aged care can be a great complement and offer the variety and stimulation you desire.

5. Show me the money!!!! And of course last but not the least there’s the above award wage. Owing to the pure competition in the market for passionate physio who are wanting to pursue a career in gerontology, the going rate, is well, going up! Now as an employer in this space, whilst my accountant doesn’t love it, I personally think my staff who are committed to making a difference, take initiative and show innovation, are worth their weight in gold and it is great to see the profession starting to be valued more for the huge impact we can have.

So for all you budding and want a be gerontology physio’s out there looking to join a passionate bunch of like minded therapist striving to make a difference in the big wide aged care world be sure to check us out and drop us a line (insert our contact link here). Till then hears to changing the face of aged care one day at a time!


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