Podiatry home visits

Meeting your foot care needs

We understand foot pain and issues can be frustrating and lead to missing out on the things you love in life. Our expert podiatrists bring high quality podiatry services to the comfort of your own home. Across assessment, education, risk screening and prescriptions for specialist footwear and devices, we’re here to keep you safe, comfortable and healthy.

Why podiatry home visits?

If you have mobility issues, or are experiencing foot pain, we’ll support you with podiatry services in a convenient, safe and comforting environment. Our team has the equipment to work with you in your home to deliver personalised service focused on you and your health needs.
Our at home podiatry services are available across Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

How does at home podiatry work?

You may start with an assessment by a qualified podiatrist who can assess any feet issues or pain, and recommend a way forward with treatment to suit you. From there, you may have a regular schedule of treatments at home, and our friendly team will plan your treatment calendar so you always know when your next appointment is coming up.

Our specialists can assist with:

  • comprehensive podiatry assessment and risk screening
  • nail care, infection control and wound management
  • recommending or prescribing specialised footwear and orthotic devices
  • diabetes-related foot screening and management
  • education and advice to help clients manage their feet issues to make the most of life.

Podiatry professionals who care

We’re proud to have a team of podiatrists and health care professionals who put patients first. Whatever your foot issues, our dedicated team brings extensive expertise to treat you as if you were a member of their own family.

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Expert health professionals bring high quality podiatry services to the comfort of your own home.