Resident, Moyola Lodge
Polly Devine
General Services Manager, Moyola Lodge
Residential Care Service Manager, Moyola Lodge

Since Agestrong Physio commenced our pain management program, we have had no issues with our validations, our residents are requiring less narcotic medications, they have longer periods of being pain free and they thoroughly enjoy the wax bath sessions.

Monica Elston

Agestrong Physio is reliable and have high quality physios that delivery high quality service. The programs they have implemented at Moyola are fantastic, the residents love them and they have made a significant difference to the quality of life of our residents. I highly recommend them.

Polly Devine
General Services Manager, Moyola Lodge

I am delighted to recommend Agestrong Physio services to my clients. Agestrong Physio understands the requirements of the aged care sector and provides a range of skilled services that are resident focused and entirely ethical

Leigh Welling
ACFI Consultant, ACFI Solutions