Partnering with Us!

In our experience, we find that most Aged Care Providers;

  • Are concerned about managing risk around non-compliance, ACFI downgrades, reportable behavior and workplace related injuries
  • Wanting to maximize profitability and achieving a marketing edge in an effort to optimize occupancy
  • Experience challenges associated with having an under-skilled workforce delivering care to individuals with high acuity care needs
  • Find it difficult to find a consistent, proactive and reliable physio service provider that doesn’t cost the earth


So when you work with Agestrong Physio you get:

  • Proven systems, documentation and processes that ensure your physiotherapy services are compliant and robust at validation and accreditation
  • A service provider that proficiently manages all your Pain Management Program needs from start up to long term maintenance at a very competitive price
  • Consistent, reliable therapists that are specialist trained to deal with dementia and complex care needs of the elderly
  • We proactively seek opportunities to help maximize your profitability and service marketability
  • We don’t just service metro areas, we proudly support regional service provision


This is great for you because it means:

  • You can rest assured that you are obtaining maximal profitability while satisfying audit and accreditation demands
  • You are partnered with a service that proactively prevents risk and compliance breaches from occurring in the first place, saving you time, stress and ultimately money
  • Our high quality staff training, such as “Reducing Reportable Behaviors”, “Manual Handling in Aged Care” and “High Risk Falls Prevention” helps to ensure that your staff are adequately equipped to deal with even the most challenging situations
  • Our unique approach to care ensures your residents are more active, engaged and well managed, leading to potentially better facility reviews and higher occupancy rates


Contact Agestrong Physio via our online form or on 1300 851 639 to discuss how we can best offer you access to our unique range of services.